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Eco-Marine Operations 

The marine operations are an integral part of the Oristano CAP facility and an integral part of any floating wind operation/activity. The eco-friendly marine activity for a construction and assembly facility is important and it is an industry that will offer returns to the owners of Oristano CAP through the carbon trading approach.

To lower the marine industry’s impact on greenhouse gas emissions, the International Maritime Organization (IMO) established strict targets for 2030 and 2050. Through innovative low & zero-emission eco-friendly marine operations, we aim to leverage the booming carbon trading as we will be using boats such as the Zeetug, a zero-emissions all-electric tugboat, with high ton bollard pull with quick charge stations (full charge < 1 hour) which reduces carbon dioxide emissions by average 410 tons a year, and NOX emissions by 15 tons per operational boat.

Zeetug for Oristano_edited.jpg
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