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Transport & Tow

Floating offshore wind requires a different combination of vessels than bottom-fixed. The floating nature of the substructures permits the floating wind unit placement in relatively deep water locations. That requires detailed tow-out design method requirements for the installation of floating offshore wind turbines.

We assess the weather window limitations for the relative substructure types and installation phases, including the transportation to and from the wind farm site and during the connection of mooring lines and electrical cables. The choice of construction materials i.e. steel or concrete, can influence the draft of the substructure at the fit-out quay and hence during the tow offshore. Semi-submersible and barge types are of shallow draft and can be fitted out alongside a quay.


Our service will assess and undertake the necessary engineering and certification for the tow-out requirements of the floating wind units. We undertake the data on intact stability, damage stability, tow forces, and motions during the tow from the fit-out port to the offshore location.


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