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About us

The Oristano Construction and Assembly Port has been initiated by Seawind Ocean Technology Holding B.V. in the industrial harbour of Oristano, Sardinia in Italy. The Oristano CAP facility has been created to overcome the high costs in the offshore wind farm market by combining a smart port construction and assembly approach with a low CO2 impact.


Offshore wind is too expensive with the current approach of assembling the systems at the open sea, while depending on a few, very expensive crane vessels. Our clients are offshore wind farm developers, renewables funds, energy groups, or utility companies. Their need is to deploy offshore wind assets to produce renewable energy quickly, cost-effectively, environmentally sound, and safely while utilizing advanced approaches and materials such as the Bio-concrete.

Our management team has worked together with like-minded Partners since 2020 with a shared passion for transforming the Port of Oristano through investments and technology development. We believe our clients shouldn't have to compromise on quality and safety therefore, we provide specialist knowledge, tailored service, and an international reach to access materials and skillsets.

Serving the Mediterranean

The Oristano CAP is a "fit for purpose" facility for Italy and the Mediterranean region, in terms of location, suitability, and operability. It is a sustainable construction and assembly base which is environmentally friendly and energy-efficient and which contributes directly to delivering year-on-year reductions in greenhouse gas emissions through its design, layout, construction, and operations. Waste reduction and recycling are at the core of the facility design.

At its full build-out, the Oristano CAP will be able to construct, assemble and launch 50 units with 15 – 18 MW wind turbines per year, which corresponds to about 1000 MW per year. This low-cost port-based assembly process for offshore wind units offers the highest production capacity and lowest cost globally.

Oristano is strategically located to serve the entire Mediterranean Sea region.


Oristano CAP operates under a full set of policies, manuals and specified procedures, developed and specified by Seawind Ocean Technology Holding B.V. The Oristano CAP Management System complies with the requirements of clients, National Marine & Offshore Approval Authorities (UKHSE, MITE, PSA, IMO, ISM etc.), Classification Societies (Lloyds, DNV, ABS, NK, etc.), Insurance companies (Marsh Int., AXXA, Zurich, etc.). The management system explains how Oristano CAP : 

  1. Assess risk; 

  2. Manage risk; 

  3. Manage safely the marine and offshore activities;

  4. Governance as an entity;

  5. Manage design engineering and changes in engineering;

  6. Manage the supply chain and the selection of suppliers/contractors; 

  7. Ensure that operations do not pollute when operating offshore and onshore;

  8. Takes decisions based in a clear and stable and informed manner;

  9. Ensure each person that holds the responsibility of decision-making on activities offshore and onshore is competent and expert in their field.

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