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Offshore Logistics 

For every offshore wind project to be executed safely and with minimum risk there is a need for services during the preparation, installation, and commissioning of offshore wind farms. These services include the transport of components and crew, supply runs to offshore platforms, and additional services such as customs clearance, waste, and container management.

The requirements for experienced and well-trained personnel to work in the logistics chain, including port logistics, offshore transports, and wind farm installation services is higher and higher every year. 

For offshore port logistics, the requirements for services include marine spread, personnel, and supply runs to the offshore platforms and vessels. Port agency services, customs clearance, and certified offshore container management.

For offshore transports necessary for offshore activities such as the installation of platforms and floating wind turbine units there is high demand to carry the necessary components and materials, but beyond that, the crews, staff, and supplies for daily offshore activity need to be carried to and from the shore.

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