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Floating Unit Assembly

We are on a mission to help our clients create a world that runs entirely on green energy. To achieve this, we must change the way we construct and assemble to reduce costs. Floating offshore wind offers tremendous potential: It could allow us to tap into as much as 80% of the world’s offshore wind resource, placing turbines in much deeper waters with stronger and more consistent winds. Placing wind turbines on floating foundations is the next step for offshore wind to fully reach its potential – allowing our Oristano facility to greatly increase our scope and leverage from this wind industry shift towards floating wind. With our facility in Oristano, we offer the needed floating wind assembly services to confidently answer these very important questions:

  • How can it be optimally built in a short timeframe?

  • How can the build-out costs be reduced?

  • How can floating wind create value for local communities beyond providing energy?


Today, every offshore wind project is designed and built differently with bespoke parameters, including the type of turbine, foundation requirements, and contractors. This variance from project to project requires large amounts of working capital. If not managed efficiently the assembly process also blocks economies of scale, inhibits quality management for project construction, and extends construction schedules – cumulatively costing billions of dollars in wasted time and investment. With our well-planned and standardized assembly method for a ready-to-float unit suitable for deployment, we strive for the lowest CAPEX and highest possible ROI.

We assemble at the harbour side and lift and install using ready and safe stationary and powerful cranes and ocean-going electric tugboats which tow the turbine to the location and simply tether it in place. Even for shallow wind farms, this will provide a faster, more cost-effective, and safer alternative to the current assembly-at-sea approaches that require costly jack-up and installation vessels.

The mass-assembly approach has the ability to accelerate the achievement of net zero targets and reduce costs dramatically.

We are making the assembly of floating wind units faster, more cost-effective, and safer.

Click here to view our informative video about our assembly approach.

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