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Management & Partners

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We work in synergy with partners that are well-established entities and pioneers in their fields. They help us deliver our services, projects, and targets through, joint ventures and contracts. 


Mammoet is a world leader in heavy lifting operations and the design and supply of lifting gear and equipment.  MAMMOET provides the necessary consulting and related heavy-lifting solutions for the lifting and installation of the wind turbine tower pieces, the nacelles and wind turbine blades.

Sembcorp Marine and Keppel Offshore & Marine merged in 2023 to create a premier global player with deep engineering expertise. Seatrium has world-class talent and engineering capabilities to design and manufacture offshore solutions. Together, we leverage each other's wealth of experience, engineering and operational capabilities to design and engineer the semi-submersible floating docks that are transporting the foundations and integrated units.

NAVTEK is an investor in Seawind Ocean Technology Holding and a leader in marine and port engineering. NAVTEK specializes in different sections of the marine industry from the design and engineering of port and the simplest barge to electric ships. We have partnered with NAVTEK to ensure the design of the Oristano facility and the marine activities are sustainable, safe and eco-friendly.

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