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Advanced Manufacturing (AM)

Intelligent manufacturing is using the combined intelligence of people, processes, and machines, to impact the overall economics of manufacturing. Every investment in manufacturing has the purpose to optimize manufacturing resources, improve business value and safety, and reduce waste – both on the floor and in back-office operations, all while meeting customer demands for delivery and quality. The digitalization and AI-based execution platform (PMIP), utilizing algorithms, machine-to-machine communication, and data analysis for the activities and facilities are the focus of the investment in Oristano CAP.

The essence of AM solutions is data. Whether a sequencing solution or a complete management system the requirement is to collect and process data and values to give real-time information about processes so we can more easily forecast trends and perform analysis. Making the operations intelligent means staying ahead of the competition by being more efficient and more cost-effective.

It’s our experience and expertise of our teams in applying visionary solutions to make our assembly and production of offshore wind assets to fit the strategies and investments of our clients.

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