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Commissioning & Testing 


The path to the certification of an offshore floating wind farm is very demanding and requires detailed monitoring, data analysis, troubleshooting of the units, and all that in a fully digitalized environment (like our PMIP). With a focus on the correct commissioning and testing that ensures that the floating unit will start generating electricity and income without any issues, we provide detailed, rigorous, and data-based methods of commissioning and testing of the assembled floating unit in consultation with TUV Rheinland.

After the assembly is completed in minimum we undertake the evaluation of the assembly documents and completion reports, the commissioning and testing manuals of the main floating unit systems, and the planning of the testing activities and period. Through TUV Reinhland we offer a separate Marine Warranty Survey, which ensures the technical safety of all marine operations.

The overall commissioning is done after all the results from each of the respective tests are documented in reports and a certificate of conformity is issued if the commissioning requirements are fulfilled. This provides any certification authority a basis for the assessment for granting the 1st and 2nd BSH approval, as well as for the maintenance of the operating approval.

Our team of experts and partners have many years of experience in the offshore sector and can therefore provide you with the best possible commissioning and testing services. Our testing and commissioning services protect our clients’ investments.

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