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Floating Offshore Wind

The Oristano CAP is a well-developed and sustainable long-term strategic project. The development of offshore wind projects in Italy is a busy and booming market. An analysis of the outlook of the offshore wind projects made by TERNA in Q1 2023 is based on the connection permits requested to Terna which reached 70 GW. The Oristano CAP is an asset developing and delivering the key infrastructure required for offshore wind projects in Italy and in the Mediterranean Sea.

The Oristano facility will leverage the booming offshore market in Italy, targeting companies eligible for offshore wind farm development.

The Oristano CAP addresses the problem of inadequate port infrastructures in Italy and will cover the wider Mediterranean Sea area to deliver the committed and announced number of GigaWatt (‘GW') in the Offshore Wind market by 2050. The majority of these GWs are expected to be floating wind projects. Specifically for Italy, calculations estimate the floating wind potential at 211 GW (ref. Global Wind Energy Council (‘GWEC’) analysis 21.04.2022) According to this GWEC analysis, there is limited local supply chain support for floating wind in Italy and in the Mediterranean Sea.

The Oristano CAP will deliver fully engineered and floating wind project-specific products (wind turbines, steel towers, concrete foundations, etc.) and services (assembly, lifting, launching, towing, etc.) in accordance with best safety and price principles, of appropriate quality, efficiently and on time.

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